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Apple releases a new version of iOS 8.3 tests

IOS development continues. Apple has just released a short while ago the fourth version of iOS 8.3 tests, a firmware that only months ago and a half distributed among developers now can be downloaded and installed by

Apple patents a tracking system for friends and family in real time

Any measure of security always seems short, but often solutions are looking for tend to collide head-on with our right to privacy, and we want to do not, most of these advances at the end need to

The screen of the Apple Watch can delay production and affecting sales

On 10 April the booking of Apple Watch process opens and the 24th of the same month starts the official sale of the smartwatch in key strategic markets for the firm’s Cupertino. However, in the absence of

Apple removes the category of antivirus for iPhone or iPad App Store would be are switching ready?

Curious movement that seems to have started Apple, convinced that iOS 8.2 does not have any problems with viruses, not sees them necessary in its app store and has deleted this category, taking forward some as VirusBarrier
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