Apple patents a tracking system for friends and family in real time


Any measure of security always seems short, but often solutions are looking for tend to collide head-on with our right to privacy, and we want to do not, most of these advances at the end need to let the door open to prevent a third party from our terminal like ‘Peter by his house’, picking up us activity and GPS position data as if nothing. So this new patent from the Cupertino, do we should take it as a threat to our privacy?
In real time

You will think that this type of location solutions already have available in iOS from long ago, both with Find my iPhone as with friends, since they allow us to find devices that we have associated with your account or you can search for those colleagues who do not have problems that we know where to ride every time.

So this patent would not make much sense if not for one important detail: the location takes place in real time and allows us to not only continue our friends or family, but even see the journey that follows or what is displaying on the screen of your device at that time. It would be as a kind of remote control emergency monitoring.


We must give permission to us to locate

One of the requirements demanded by this patent is that anyone who wants to know where we are should send us a request and we accept it. In this way you can carry out a kind of ‘mirroring’ which includes access to what we are seeing at that time on the screen of the iPhone or iPad. For example, if we are sailing, consulting a map, buying something, etc.

This would be the big difference with respect to the other services that already have the Cupertino to have controlled both friends as to devices that are part of our Apple ID.


To achieve these results, the patent provided that the connection between both ‘iDevices’ is carried out by Wifi or mobile data although, as always, such applications are particularly important when we go down the street, so you have to be very well optimized so that, in case of emergency, the entire system work perfectly in situations of low coverage.

That Yes, bear in mind that it is a patent and we could take a long time to see it in operation. So that it would not be the first time that one of these idyllic systems end up in a drawer that is impossible to carry out, or simply loses all its meaning last months.

What you think about this idea of Apple? Can you see a utility? Tell us.

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