Google Maps Offline

google_maps_offline_gifDedicated to smartphone owners who do not have internet access, but with the potential to fall like anyone who SURFs with 4 g, a new feature of Google plans to open paths of disconnected drivers. The company releases this Tuesday (10) download of maps in Google Maps, which will plot routes even if the device is offline.
At first only for Android phones, the news will allow you to download maps from the file size does not exceed the limit of 2.5 GB.

The Maps could save maps. The news is that he will win roles that typically require internet: will search for commercial establishments and places within the selected area (as well as basic information about them, such as phone and menu), will plot routes between two points and give guidelines for the voice tab.
Stay out of the offline version, for the time being, the monitoring of traffic in real time, the arrival of the next bus, as well as bike routes and public transportation.

“Today, we assume that the Waze or Google Maps will be there to save us,” said Marcus Leal, Manager of Maps for Latin America. “But in a country like Brazil, who have data plan loses access completely,” he says. “And who today have a paper map in the car?” jokes. “The focus is to satisfy this layer of disconnected or bad data plan,” he explains.

According to a Google search, the Brazilian is one that most have trouble loading maps. Of 1000 people interviewed by the company, 40% said they had bogged down in any connection failure to use the application–this index was the largest in the world.

But, as the problem is perceived by users of other places, the news will be released gradually throughout the world. The devices that run iOS still will not be covered, what will occur soon, according to Google.
In spite of being stored on his cell phone, the maps will be cancelled if, after 30 days, the device does not connect to the internet and update them.

See the step-by-step:
1. install Google Maps or update to version Android 9.17
2. Search for the desired location
3. Go up the card that comes up at the bottom of the screen to select the download option
4. Select the area of the map to be downloaded on your mobile phone.


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