Face Swap – Camera App by Microsoft

Every one of us has used the face swap filter on snapchat and it is certainly quite amazing. The filter adds a lot of fun to the photos but the filter comes with its own limitations. It is not really possible to edit the photos with help of snapchat. To save you from this disappointment, Microsoft launched a new application by the name of Face Swap. The application is more than just a face swap filter and here are all the features of this amazing Face Swap Application by Microsoft.

Features of Face Swap
· The application lets you swap your face with a friend or you can also choose a scene from the library and swap your face from the face of the character in the scene. It is also possible for you to choose a photo from the web and swap your face.
· The application has several photo editing tools and stickers to edit the photo and get the perfect output for your display picture on social media sites.
· The algorithm used in the application is really amazing and it gives a perfectly blended image. There is no pixelation in the output at all.
· You would not need any photoshop skills to edit the images using this application and the output is of very high quality.
· The developers keep on updating the library and you can change your hairstyle or your style with the application.
· The application would also let you swap multiple faces in a group photo and no other application has this feature.
· You can also use other filters and effects with help of this application and the list of filters is quite extensive.
· The application would also adjust the skin tone of the photo and this results in a perfect output as the image doesn’t look altered.
· The application would also adjust the head turns and the lighting conditions. The application also has a feature which would help you in cloning your photos on all the faces in the pic.
· You can also create a GIF with help of this application and the GIF can also show the face swap live.
· In a recent update, it is also possible to create collages and in addition to this, you can use photo booth template in the pics as well.
Talking about the general review, the application has an overall rating of 4.2 stars and the application has been reviewed by over 1.8 thousand people. The application has received over 1.5 thousand 4 star




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