Traffic Monitor+ & 3G/4G Speed

traffic monitor

Traffic Monitor + & 3 g/4 g Speed is an application that brings some tools related to your use of the internet through the mobile device. He offers a consumer guide, for you have no surprises on the Bill, a test the speed of your connection, a quality and a sector for characteristics of the appliance.

In addition, through the program also there is like having a full detailing of which applications are accessing the internet, as well as you can see the consumption of each of them. The tool offers a number of additional settings for you to leave more suitable to your profile.

Viewing information

When you open the application, you enter a settings screen in which their consumption data must be entered to update the meter. However, if you miss something, don’t worry, because later it is possible to correct this information. The program screen is cleaned thoroughly and divide the functions available in tabs, making it time for you to find one of the alternatives.

In “speed” you find the test of your internet, and just use the available button to view the results. “Consumption” shows the current state of your phone and plan for more details on individual consumption, just enter in “applications”. “Device” brings some data from your device, and “Quality” identifies how’s your internet signal.

Above you gave a complete description about the Traffic Monitor + & 3 g/4 g Speed and features, find out now what we think of Traffic Monitor + & 3 g/4 g Speed is a very complete program for you view details about your internet connection. In addition, it also shows some data referring to the battery of your device, making it time for you to find such options for the replacement of the item, for example, or for testing purposes.

In a way, it is possible to say that he is a great solution for you to keep a control of access and connection quality, and certainly the application is one of the most complete of the category. That’s because he covers from the speed test to the issue of signal quality and personal control to keep your business healthy by the end of the month.

In addition, the results are quite complete and correctly identified causing even laypeople are able to understand the information obtained. The interface also deserves attention for separating the options into categories, making time to locate any one of the available functions.

Very efficient

The functions that they are simple to use and display the results quickly. The application comes ready to use, however, as regards personal consumption control, you need to fill in some parameters so that it can be exact in time to display the information.

However, don’t worry if some of the previously entered data is wrong, or there is a change, just enter the settings and start the wizard to make the appropriate changes. Through this sector too there are a number of items that can be customized and, also, there is a topic with frequently asked questions, serving to remove possible doubts in application usage.

Even with animations and extremely presumptuous, the application does not consume many resources of the unit and can be used even in more modest devices without locking risks. So if you are looking for a tool to analyze your connection, certainly worth testing the Traffic Monitor + & 3 g/4 g Speed.



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