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Split video and camera

Hi everybody!!!! Today I am here to introduce you about a video application. Especially this application is intended for making double roll. Application is very simple to use. It would be impossible to find a better application

LED Light Manager

Light Manager is a tool that allows you to control the color of the LED notifications on your smartphone. The app can assign a specific color for each type of alert that your phone has, separating inclusive

Are they the reserves of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge so high to triple production?

It was the great attraction of the last edition of the Mobile World Congress and seems that expectations are starting to convert to numbers, constants and dreamers. If there are analysts who advance the manufacturer to distribute

First real pictures of the so-called LG G4 Note with metal housing

Strained on the Internet which would be the first images of the so-called LG G4 Note, the new model that prepares the Korean to accompany your smartphone star but that it would include the smart pointer that
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