Video Wallpaper Android App

LIVEWALLPAPERLive Wallpaper Video Gallery brings a service that offers more than 100 wallpapers with varied themes.

The application has a large amount of files to you put aside patterns, get creative ideas or decorate your smartphone with the kind of image that more please.

In addition, the program has a search service, to facilitate the location of ideal design to match the visual identity of the unit and your personal taste.

Wallpapers for every taste

One of the main advantages of the application is that it brings high-quality images and can be used on a smartphone with small screen as on a tablet. The illustrations are separated into categories, but if you wish, there are also like seeing all those that are available through the “All” option.

Among the available wallpapers are waterfalls, clouds, waves, tropical beaches, abstract images and much more. In addition, all the wallpapers are animated, to give more life to your Android home screen. Similarly, you can mark the ones you liked as Favorites for easy access.

Above you gave a complete description about the Live Video Wallpaper Gallery Free and its functionalities, know now what Live Wallpaper Video Gallery is an application that brings together a series of images that can be applied as wallpaper on your Android. He is a great alternative for those who have not found “the ideal image” to add to your appliance, bringing animated illustrations and of high quality.

Using the program is very simple, since this is a compilation of images and, Furthermore, he brings an adequate separation of the images into categories. So, if you are looking for wallpapers by type, certainly you will find relevant results when accessing each of the sectors presented by the application.

Similarly, the program counts with a search service that works perfectly and get results that actually match the search term. However, it’s worth remembering that just as the interface of the application is in English, the terms used for research must be in that language (otherwise the images are not found).

Wallpapers of various styles
The variety of wallpapers offered is really very large, ensuring that you do not find one to your liking. In addition, remember that all the images are animated, as is the proposal submitted by the application. Another interesting function is that you can mark them in your Favorites, facilitating subsequent accesses.

In addition, those wallpapers that are stored on the device are also listed in the program options so you don’t lose the idea that already added for use. Another interesting aspect is that the application has high resolution images, which allows its use in both small screens as big without leaving them stretched or distorted.

If you like to customize your player with Live Wallpapers, you will certainly find a wide variety of them with Live Video Wallpaper Gallery.


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