BLE Scanner: Find the Lost Bluetooth Device

We often end up losing our fitness tracker and smartwatch. It is not that we lose it but we keep it somewhere in our house and then we often forget the place where we kept the device. It can be a real problem as it is sometimes really hard to find such stuff. A lot of people face the same issue and they waste hours of time in search of their lost device. This is all because of a bad memory and inefficient search technique. Well, we can’t do anything about the memory part but the search method can surely be made efficient. The question is that how do we do it? The answer to the question lies in BLE Scanner. This is basically a Bluetooth scanner which is used by a lot of people. Let us now look at the features of this amazing Bluetooth Scanner Application.

Features of BLE Scanner
• The application can scan all the nearby Bluetooth device which uses technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy, Eddy stone Device, and iBeacon.
• The application can easily scan all the Bluetooth application in the nearby area and the application displays all these devices on a radar view. This makes it really easy to find a lost Bluetooth device.
• It is possible to limit the search area with help of the application which surely makes a lot of difference in terms of the time that it takes to find a lost device. The application also has a filter which can be used to get accurate search results.
• It is also possible to save the history of all the device found using this application. If you go through the history then you can find the trend of your habits and it also enhances the efficiency of your search for the last device.
• The application is available for developers and they often use the application to develop various other applications.

In terms of reviews, the application has received a total of about 1100 reviews and the average rating of the application is 4 star. Out of all these reviews, the application has received 75% of the reviews as 4 star and 5-star reviews. The application has been through several rounds of iterative updates which has made it better and which has also implemented more features in the application. As per the information available, the application has been installed by 1 Lakh to 5 Lakh users and the only system requirement to install the application is that the Android device should be running on Android 4.3 and above.

Most of the features are free to use in this application but there are some features which come at a charge and the charge of Rs 120 per item. If you are also willing to download the application then there is then you do not have to find the application of google play store as we have listed the link to google play store below.

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