Plane Live – Flight Tracker For iPhone and iPad

When a loved one is travelling to meet you after a long time, there is always an impatience in the atmosphere. Every minute feels like a decade and we always end up checking the flight timings every minute. To kill this anxiety, you can always use an app that can enable you to check the flight status in real time. What we are talking about here is the flight radar which can be used to track the flight in real time along with the positions. So, here is a review of Plane Live Flight Tracker that can be used by you to track the flights.

Features of Plan Live

The app basically let you track the flights all across the world. The app displays the real time data and hence you can either use a flight number or you can check any flight randomly. This helps you in ensuring that you are on time at the airport to receive your loved one.
The app also lets you track the helicopters and you can also set up the push notification for a specific flight easily. This surely adds on to the convenience.
The application provides detailed information while tracking the flight. You can check minute to minute information like air speed, altitude and even the route map being followed by the aircraft.
Apart from this, you can save the location of the airport to My Place to access it in nick of time. Also, you can check the weather forecast at an airport with help of this app.
There are several filters that can be used here to get the information or to shortlist the flight that you wish to track
In the paid version, there are some additional information which includes faster data update, unlimited alerts and there are no ads on the premium version.

General Review

The application has been reviewed by over 25 thousand people and the average rating of the app is 4.7 stars out of 5 star. Now, the application really has a high rating and it certainly deserves such a rating because of its high utility factors. A lot of people also use the paid version of the app to get the additional features but the free version of the app is certainly good enough to be tried.
Support and Compatibility

Talking about the support and compatibility, the application can be installed on any Apple Device that is running on iOS 10.0 or later version. This means that the application can be used on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The additional requirement here is that your phone must be connected to Wi-Fi or internet. Also, the size of the app is 142 MB and hence do ensure that you have this much of free memory in your phone.
So, now you have an idea of what this app is all about. To install the app, you can simply use the download link below and it will take you to the app page on App Store.

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