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Secret Video Recorder

Secret Video Recorder is an application that will turn your Android into a tool of espionage,Its able to capture photos and videos of discreetly, without anyone noticing that you’re watching and recording all around. The application appears

Traffic Monitor+ & 3G/4G Speed

Traffic Monitor + & 3 g/4 g Speed is an application that brings some tools related to your use of the internet through the mobile device. He offers a consumer guide, for you have no surprises on

Google Maps Offline

Dedicated to smartphone owners who do not have internet access, but with the potential to fall like anyone who SURFs with 4 g, a new feature of Google plans to open paths of disconnected drivers. The company

Double Role Photo Camera

Double Role Photo Camera is a tool that uses your gagdet to bring a lot of fun. The game uses at least two pictures to copy a person in the picture, making the character appear several times
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