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Plane Live – Flight Tracker For iPhone and iPad

When a loved one is travelling to meet you after a long time, there is always an impatience in the atmosphere. Every minute feels like a decade and we always end up checking the flight timings every

Face Swap – Camera App by Microsoft

Every one of us has used the face swap filter on snapchat and it is certainly quite amazing. The filter adds a lot of fun to the photos but the filter comes with its own limitations. It

BLE Scanner: Find the Lost Bluetooth Device

We often end up losing our fitness tracker and smartwatch. It is not that we lose it but we keep it somewhere in our house and then we often forget the place where we kept the device.

IObit Applock: An Innovative Way to Lock the Application

You would have used many different tools to lock the applications on your phone and most of these applications are dependent on a pattern or on a lock code for the security of the data in the
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