Hello – Caller ID & Blocking


Hello — Caller ID Blocking & is a dialer for Android that has been specially developed by Facebook. The goal of the app is to associate your phonebook to contacts of the social network and thus facilitate in time to find a phone number.

The app is also extremely useful in time to identify calls, since it searches the database of Facebook and tries to find out the name of the related profile the number you’re calling for you. So, even if you have not saved contact in your address book, the Dialer can allow identification.

The application is still a good time to look for the requested number of any type of business. You can type in generic terms as “Pizzeria” or “restaurant” and let Hello — Caller ID Blocking & search most popular upcoming establishments.

Another interesting possibility of the app is that it can help you block unwanted people connections. To do this, simply touch the contact or registration, press the button “options” and choose the function “Block”.

Above you gave a complete description about the Hello Caller-ID Blocking and their functionalities &, know now what we think of him Whether you’re looking for a complete and smart Dialer to your Android, Hello — Caller ID Blocking, & of Facebook, is without doubt an interesting choice. The app takes advantage of the database of the social network to facilitate the identification of telephone numbers and also help people find businesses phones.

The interface of the application like the minimalist style and well organized, since everything is separated into tabs. Who is accustomed with Facebook Messenger and other Web apps firm will feel right at home.

The program works in a stable and, during our test, proved to be fairly accurate identifying promptly contacts linking. The search system also adds to the set points and helps you find the phone companies are close by.

Despite the interesting features and exquisite integration with Facebook, Hello — Caller ID Blocking & results useless time to identify contacts or companies that do not have their phone number registered on the social network.



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