Split video and camera

Hi everybody!!!!
Today I am here to introduce you about a video application. Especially this application is intended for making double roll.
Application is very simple to use. It would be impossible to find a better application than this for double rolling purpose. To make our photos funny, we commonly use many types of applications and spend more times, even though sometime it would not give us complete satisfaction and perfection. Therefore, I am suggesting you to use ‘Splitvid’. This application lets you clone a video or picture by yourself.

Splitvid Application is size of 18 MB. And it lets you express and enhance your talents and creativity. You can modify your remarkable moments in your life and store it as funny. With this application you can take photos with including many people in a single photo. Which means, you can capture a photo from your device and choose its size after that, again you can take photo of any other thing. You can use either front camera or back for this. So you can take your own photo of more than one and comprise it in a single image. This would be useful when we need to take or photos in a single image taken from multiple places.

Please bear in mind that, app doesn’t work in tegra devices.

You can also split videos and photos with this app. You can make double rolled photos and videos within seconds. The only thing you have to do is, choose and adjust the area of the screen to take the image. You will several options in the menu bar, such as vertical, horizontal, cross line and etc. You can also keep timer as 5 seconds and 10 seconds.

The application lets you free video recording for 10 seconds and unlimited recording in the pro version. You wouldn’t want to see ads in the pro version. Application contributes us six free frames where several are available in pro version. The application is really awesome and fantastic even in free version, then what would be the condition of paid version.

The app consists of many types of features. Among them some are given below.


You can split both videos and photos very conveniently. This is an important function for making photos and videos into multiple pieces.

Twin video
This function is designed for creating two videos into one. You can make this useful when you have lots of videos taken in different period and want to make it as single video. So you will get a great feeling while watching it. Download and install the application. Pursuantly open it and experience the best application.



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