IObit Applock: An Innovative Way to Lock the Application

You would have used many different tools to lock the applications on your phone and most of these applications are dependent on a pattern or on a lock code for the security of the data in the application. The technology is moving ahead and these old lock applications seem to be outdated. While our usual search, we came across an application that can use face recognition or the fingerprint to lock your applications on the android device and here is a short review of the application along with all the features.

Features of IObit Applock

• To begin with, the application basically locks the other applications on your phone and that helps you in preventing any unauthorized access to the application.
• IObit uses your face or your fingerprint to unlock the application and that means that the application will provide you a higher degree of security from any person who is trying to access your photos or personal chats.
• Another unique feature of the application is that you can use many different themes in this application and that makes it more attractive to use.
• It is also possible to lock the phone with help of the application and you just need to change the settings to enable the same.
• Many times when you receive a WhatsApp message, the notification is visible on the home screen and many people can read your message that way. This can be an embarrassing experience. This application can suppress all these notifications and hence save you from any potentially embarrassing situation.
• If someone is trying to unlock your phone then the application can also click the photo of the person trying to unlock the phone and the photo is then sent to you via email. This is especially a useful feature in case of phone theft.
• The application would also let you change the duration after which you would like to lock the screen on the applications.
In terms of the general review, the application has a high rating of 4.5 stars and it has received over 14.8 thousand 5 star reviews. In addition to this, the application has also received over 3 thousand 4 star reviews and almost every user of the application is happy and satisfied. The application was recently updated on 18 October 2017 and many new features were added to the application. Along with the features, the application was further optimized for a better user experience.
In terms of the installation, the application has been installed by 10 Lakh to 50 Lakh users and it can be installed on any phone that is working on Android 4.0.3. In addition to this, the application is also supported by many android tablets. This is surely one of the best application to lock the application with help of the biometric data.
If you are impressed by the application and if you are now willing to download the application then here is the download link for the application.


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