Double Role Photo Camera

Double Role Photo Camera

Double Role Photo Camera is a tool that uses your gagdet to bring a lot of fun. The game uses at least two pictures to copy a person in the picture, making the character appear several times and, if you like, in different poses.

To get started, just click the “Start” rectangle. The photographer must remain in a fixed position, and each photo, the person who wants to duplicate must move without leaving the area.

When you’re done, just click the yellow arrow positioned in the lower-right corner of the display, which makes them appear the thumbnails of the photos. The second step is to mark the character in all images by simply sliding the finger on the display to display a green mist that should cover correctly the person.

Above you gave a complete description about the Double Role Photo Camera and its features, know now what we think of him
You have probably seen photographic montages in which one person magically appears several times in a picture doing different possessions. And that’s exactly what effect the Clone to provide Camera for you.

Easy and fast
The app interface is incredibly intuitive, because you simply click a button to start shooting. In addition, the process of capturing and marking of the person who will be duplicated does not require advanced knowledge or a complex procedure.

Everything is done just sliding the finger on the display, and the thumbnails of the photos are displayed at all times at the bottom of the screen, ensuring that you don’t lose more than one minute to finish the procedure.

Quality note 10
The quality of the Assembly obviously depends on the firmness of the pulse of the photographer and the brightness of the environment but, in General, it is possible to affirm that the Clone is one of the best Camera apps of the genre when it comes to sharpness. During our test, the editing was impeccable, not revealing any blurred or surface imperfection.

Taking into account the high quality standard of the application, the price charged, R $ 4,11, is not an excuse for failing to purchase the tool, which has the potential to please both demanding photographers as newbies who want to just have fun and share creative mounts on the internet.


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