Secret Video Recorder

Secret Video RecorderSecret Video Recorder is an application that will turn your Android into a tool of espionage,Its able to capture photos and videos of discreetly, without anyone noticing that you’re watching and recording all around. The application appears at the bottom of the display, above the main dock.

You can display a preview screen, and its size is fully customizable. In addition, you can select the option to camera, to capture images in sequence, with the screen of the unit off.

The same goes for the video. That way, no one will notice that you have the phone activated. In the app settings it is possible to determine the image resolution and the time interval between each photo. In addition, you can set a maximum time of video and if you want to capture audio, too.

Above you gave a full description on the Secret Video Recorder and its features, learn now what we think of Secret Video Recorder is one of the most interesting and intelligent spy Play Store. He is a full plate for those who want to capture photos and videos of discreetly, without the target realizes he’s being watched.

The first plus point of the app is that its interface is really unobtrusive. Only those who get the device in hand will notice that the application is running, as it appears on the main dock of the homescreen with several buttons.

Of course, it’s easy to see that that’s not the real dock, but, even so, a quick look at guarantees discretion that you need to run the application. In addition, you can close the preview of the image whenever you want.

The photos and videos are made very smart. You have all the power you need, configuration and it is very useful. In the settings of the app, select the brightness of screen that must be in place when Secret Video Recorder is running.

You can also select a destination folder for the content. This is essential because you can end up with a lot of files on your device, which are located exactly in the folder that you want, avoiding clutter.

You can also disable the sounds of camera and scored the “Timestamp” option. It is essential for those who want to make accurate records, because it puts the exact time of the photo on the image.

The time interval between each photo can be changed manually, as well as the length of the videos. But, unfortunately, Secret Video Recorder does not have an option for infinite duration of the video, which can be essential, depending on how you want to use the app.

Finally, the program gets many positives for turning off the screen while using the appliance are capturing images automatically. This ensures an even greater discretion, because no one will realize that your Android is enabled and working.

Of course Secret Video Recorder does not revolve the professional life, as it has all the problem of limitation of camera quality to a smartphone or tablet. Still, it can be an interesting way to get information and valuable images.


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