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BLE Scanner: Find the Lost Bluetooth Device

We often end up losing our fitness tracker and smartwatch. It is not that we lose it but we keep it somewhere in our house and then we often forget the place where we kept the device.

Split video and camera

Hi everybody!!!! Today I am here to introduce you about a video application. Especially this application is intended for making double roll. Application is very simple to use. It would be impossible to find a better application

Traffic Monitor+ & 3G/4G Speed

Traffic Monitor + & 3 g/4 g Speed is an application that brings some tools related to your use of the internet through the mobile device. He offers a consumer guide, for you have no surprises on

High Bass Music Player for Android and Iphone

Although the name suggests a simple player, jetAudio Basic is a full-featured application, capable of making any player for Android be embarrassed. The application has no fewer than 32 different possibilities of equalization, in addition to speed
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