You’ve seen the need to make minor edits in any video that you downloaded on the internet or recorded through a lower-quality camcorder?

Avidemux is an editor facing those who wish to make minor corrections to color and brightness in clips of any format, in addition to insert special effects as subtitles and logos.

The program is completely free and lightweight – your Installer already carry all essential codecs for its proper application, which prevents the installation of additional content from external sources. Avidemux was made to run without problems on any computer, from the most robust until the more economical and simpletons.

How to use

After all, Avidemux is not a very simple utility to be used and demand some experience for the user. Soon, prepare to spend some time getting used to all the menus and features of the tool. Basically, the first step to start your job is to click on the “Open” button to open the video you want to edit (the compatibility list is quite extensive and covers most of the most popular extensions like AVI, MP4, WMV and FLV).

On the left of the interface region are the basic configuration options. It is through these menus you choose the codecs and formats the output clip. To make the Visual customizations, click the “Filters” and enjoy the various special effects that the application offers, as special colors, adding and removing noise, subtitles and superimposed images.


Above you gave a full description about Avidemux and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Avidemux is, in fact, a good video editor to make minor changes in clips stored on your computer. The tool has very interesting special effects and filters, as well as pleasing for its wide compatibility with different file formats.

However, the software lets you down for being pretty hard to use: the menus are very confused, complicating the lives of users and delaying some jobs that should be quite fast. The interface in General has a visual weak, giving the impression that the development team didn’t bother to reserve time to create a beautiful design for the application.

In addition, there are a few buttons that simply useless and could well be disposed of without any kind of problem. In short, it’s worth taking a look at Avidemux only if you are willing to spend a good time “training” how to use the program properly. If find a solution much faster and simple, take a look at VirtualDub or SuperDVD Video Editor.


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