Amazon Unlocked, possible new service to offer free payment applications

According to TechCrunch revealed, the internal presentation of a new project of Amazon would have ended by seep network and realizing what could mean Amazon Unlocked. The first hypothesis speak of a new way to promote their apps store since it would be a method to get the contents of the signature store to increase its volume of downloads. However, there might be one extension of another of the services of the company, Amazon Prime, a business model with which the user may consume audiovisual content in Exchange for a fee.

Amazon not only is one of the largest e-commerce companies. It also begins to Excel in other areas with services like Amazon Prime and even their smartphones and tablets Amazon Fire. Closely related to this business is the Amazon Appstore, an app store from which users can download thousands of apps for Android.


“Free” apps?

In fact, the Amazon app store is sometimes strong promotions of content. The last was on the occasion of father’s day, when the company gave away a pack of software worth exceeding 100 euros. In addition, electronic trading firm gives every day an application or game of payment. However, this type of promotions and giveaways could lead to a new way of distributing applications from the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon Unlocked as a complement of Amazon Prime

And it is that as we have the guys at TechCrunch, Amazon would have revealed in a private meeting one of his next projects, closely related to the sale of applications. We really know until the name of the project, which is hidden behind Amazon Unlocked. According to the leaks this would be on behalf of the future business model of Amazon in the applications market, since it could be associated with Amazon Prime. Although not very known in Spain, Prime offers the user a portfolio of titles of movies and music in Exchange for a monthly fee. With Unlocked, Amazon could be thinking of merging the business of selling content on-demand applications. So the user would be able to enjoy applications and payment within this combo games. Nonetheless remains to confirm whether it will be as well and, if so, under what conditions there would be its commercial launch.

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