Apple releases a new version of iOS 8.3 tests

IOS development continues. Apple has just released a short while ago the fourth version of iOS 8.3 tests, a firmware that only months ago and a half distributed among developers now can be downloaded and installed by all owners of the supported Idevices. In spite of the new version of the iOS 8.3 software Beta 4 circulates through the network for just a few hours, they begin to discover what are the innovations implemented by the team of Apple engineers.


Californians updates policy varies and adapts to new generations. If it was previously only available to the general public the final software, already polishing after having gone through numerous tests and filters by the developers, now already it is possible enjoy first-hand the novelties of iOS, without developers have greater privileges. In fact, the fourth Beta of iOS 8.3 is the second version of this type of Apple releases.

Fourth test, iOS 8.3 version Beta 4

It’s been only two weeks since Apple disseminate the latest testing version and a new version we have underway. So much so that those who choose to enjoy the new Betas of iOS program already have been warned about the availability of a newest version. As already stated, still is iOS 8.3, but with different changes focused on the solution of errors, but also in the introduction of new functions and tools.


Some of the changes

Thus for example the latest Beta includes one of the functions featured in the latest edition of the WWDC, the so-called Tips. Now the system offers the user information about the updates included in iOS 8 so that it has evidence of the new functionalities of the system. Another new feature is the introduction of Real Time Talk To Type, that the text that we are going to shown to the team in real time, now without having to speak to display the phrase on the screen to finish. There is also a redesign in the Control Center with subtle changes such as the Elimination of black flange of the icons that now become blank when activated. As they go past the hours users will discover more hidden features, plus the usual bug fixes typical in this type of trial versions.

How to enjoy the new Betas of iOS

As already our partner José Luis Sanz ahead us to a few weeks ago, the fourth Beta may be proved by any that have an iDispositivo compatible, regardless if you are or not developer. However, we must register via the Apple page so our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will be able to receive updates from test. Once the paperwork is complete, the main advantage will be that the update is received via OTA, without installing the firmware through iTunes, with all that this implies.

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