LED Light Manager

Light Manager is a tool that allows you to control the color of the LED notifications on your smartphone. The app can assign a specific color for each type of alert that your phone has, separating inclusive a color for each application. So, you can leave the green light to WhatsApp, blue for Facebook, the white to the Gmail and so on. There are more than ten different colors to choose from.

To do the customization, you need only open the tool and go straight to the area “Confs. the LED for notifications “. Items such as “missed calls”, “SMS”, “Gmail” and others are already predefined according to Android settings. You can change all that and, if you find it interesting, even create a new color. Note, however, that the LED of your cell phone may not be able to play as many different colors as the screen of the device.

led-managerThe following is a list of apps that can receive notifications. If a tool that you use a lot is not present, you can add it to this list via the option “Add an application”.

You can still assign a frequency for the flashing of the LED, and can therefore have multiple apps for the same color and still tell the difference. Other than that, you can set colors for system States, such as when the phone’s battery, with no sign and so on.

Light Manager is a great application that lets you customize your notifications LED the way smartphone to find more afall. Is it possible to change the color, the frequency with which he flashes and assign each of these conditions to a particular application or system state. That way, you always know what’s going on even without touching the appliance.

In our tests, the Light Manager proved to be extremely functional and simple to use. All the customization options are well arranged on the interface of the app, and you should not find it difficult to assign colors and frequencies the LED to any application present on your device.What stands out in the Light Manager is the possibility of combining the rate at which the LED blinks with the color it generates countless possibilities to differentiate the types of notifications. So, you can leave a flashing slow green to WhatsApp, for example, and a fast to the Arcade app.

Apart from that, the interface of the tool there are many customizable options that Android does not have naturally. With this, you can make a more interesting use of notification LED of your device. However, you need to keep an eye on which devices have these LED. Many smartphones from Samsung does not rely on the component, as well as Moto X from Motorola, which shows these details directly in the center of the screen.

Therefore, if your smartphone has a notification LED, it pays to use the Light Manager and leave your mobile even more intelligent.


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