First real pictures of the so-called LG G4 Note with metal housing

Strained on the Internet which would be the first images of the so-called LG G4 Note, the new model that prepares the Korean to accompany your smartphone star but that it would include the smart pointer that is has also spoken for some time that prepared from LG to try to cut distances with Samsung and its Note.


LG was “lost” Mobile World Congress where only focused on its new offer of wearables, hoping to make the announcement of its new terminals, which seems to not only be the LG G4, during the months of April and may. And is crashing the Smartphone or who knows if in place, it will accompany you a new model which been talk from a few weeks ago, the LG G4 Note, a variant in the form of phablet even bigger than the smartphone and which would have the G Pen, your smart pointer, as homonyms offering Samsung.

lgThis terminal is which, supposedly, has crept into Internet along early this morning with a set of several photos that show us the device, which as also has been reviewed and confirmed by LG, will continue to the curvilinear aesthetics of LG G Flex 2. In the photos that have leaked have, in addition, a first look at the new LG Android 5.0 interface also Lollipop that will come with the launch of its new products and is expected that then moves it to the LG G3, which recently we have reviewed all their free and operator at present prices, and others in the form of a long-awaited update by users.

Turning to the device to show us today you can see how lacks shoulder buttons, a debate that opened last week to discover a curious statistic that told us the space that was lost on screen with virtual buttons, but mostly interested in the photo that shows its back cover.

Metal or apparently metal case?

lg fabletThis, apparently, is a metallic design that keeps you central button already characteristic of the terminals of the brand with the included camera set. But, remember, it may be only “pseudo-metalico” as happened with the LG G3 and that it actually imitates the appearance of this and not its materials. It also remains to be seen if other characteristics, and perhaps the most interesting, the LG G Flex 2 is transferred to this new terminal and is the self of this element – something that could only be given if polycarbonate-.

Either way, unlike Huawei, another absentee in the MWC 15 at least in this field, which has already revealed his intention to present the P8 Huawei in April, LG has not moved tab yet but is expected to announce your event in the coming days.

Do you think this movement of LG approaching series Note Samsung? Do you think that it will launch two teams or is a single bet?

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