Are they the reserves of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge so high to triple production?

It was the great attraction of the last edition of the Mobile World Congress and seems that expectations are starting to convert to numbers, constants and dreamers. If there are analysts who advance the manufacturer to distribute globally around 55 million units between the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, data arriving from Asia are even more positive for the brand. And is that the initial forecasts of the company could have been very short to such an extent that Samsung is the triple production of the S6 Edge Galaxy.


The trajectory of Samsung in terms of commercialization of smartphones with flexible curve display has been very special. The first of its kind in his debut was the Samsung Galaxy Round, a very focused experiment in the South Korean market. Little he knew of its commercial importance. Later would come the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, a model that had greater impact by the concept of screen with one of its edges curved. However, the consecration of this innovative design of the screen came earlier this month when the multinational Asian showed the world Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Such was generated expectation that we could say that in a way it eclipsed the own Samsung Galaxy S6.

A concept that has overtones of triumph, this time

With a surcharge of approximately 150 euros on the S6 originates, the model most basic part of 849 euro, a price significantly to a smartphone. However, the concept and functionality of the double curved side of screen, the innovative housing power and the General performance of the model appear to have curdled definitely. Only in this way can be interpreted that the firm has been forced to resort to more screens manufacturers to increase production of the curved display and, thus, raise the production of the device itself. According to Asian sources consulted, such is the confidence placed by the manufacturer in his new toy, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, who reportedly ordered triple originally planned production. For such purpose the South Koreans would have focused on talks with manufacturers to manufacture screen Galaxy S6 Edge, such as S-MAC and who would join the hitherto only known provider, Japan´s Alps Electronics.


Rectification of the chord on demand offer?

Why would have Samsung reacted so? One of the theories on which we could build, regardless of information from providers, is in the percentages that financiers of the brand managed through reservations made to date. And it is that as I already indicated a few weeks ago, both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge already can be booked through multitude of distributors and the brand’s online store. In this way manufacturer could have made an
initial assessment of demand for units of one and another version and calculated according to forecast whether they were sufficient to meet the demand.

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