It easily detects if your mobile phone is exposed to the Android Installer vulnerability

Android security is a recurring theme that tends to run rivers of ink (electronics) and that, of course, causes many users to resort to specialized applications in mitigating these threats. Thing that many times is never a total guarantee that we do not know if when we take measures already is too late. And, every so often as new threats are discovered…


The case is that the Palo Alto Networks Enterprise comes detecting long time a rather dangerous security hole on the Android Installer which, according to their estimates, would affect nearly 50% of all devices with Google OS. A number that is really high and that will Prime in models with more years behind him.

This problem has the curious performance that taking advantage of the screen on which an application explains what permissions need mobile to settle, then anyone can take control to ‘slip’ a different APK with permissions that have nothing to do with that before we asked.

Who does this problem affect?

This security flaw affects all devices that have Android 4.2 or earlier installed and it is widespread that the problem is not corrected. Moreover, there are some terminals with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean who also have this problem, so they are potentially prone to someone strain us anything during the process of installing an application.

For the rest of have these versions of Android, tell them that the threat is present only in those APK we got away from sources verified as Google Play Store, so if the ‘unknown sources’ box you have perfectly off, you’ve not been in danger.


See if your device is exposed

This security hole, which just they have transcended news, closed 4.4 Android KitKat but in earlier versions is still open. If we want to know if our device is exposed, the same people who carried out the analysis of the problem have published today even an application called Installer Hijacking Scanner that tells us with three simple steps if there is some kind of danger or not.

In addition, good thing about this application is that it gives us a few tips to follow when installing applications in the future, to detect the threat and not to fall into that some unscrupulous take back control of our smartphone or, worse still, robbing us important information without realizing.


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