Periscope, the new app from Twitter to share live and live all you do

There is an important difference between sharing a video of what you did and what you’re doing. Twitter bought makes a few months Periscope, for a cost of between 75 and 100 million dollars according to the rumors, and has tried to make a Meerkat, another that does almost the same thing and lately is on everyone’s lips. With its new application, the social network is to be “telling” what we are doing to be able to show it with live video.

The new application Twitter Periscope will cause, without a doubt, mostly of users feeling that more interest is Twitter using it, the famous. And surely it will give us more than one video to get us some laughs by the audacity of having done live. With this we can broadcast live on Twitter what is happening before us, i.e., because we can not only write or send a picture of what you see, or a video of what we have seen, can teach live what is happening before our eyes.


Videos from Periscope are not directly integrated in Twitter, it is necessary to install an application separately in which we need to create an account linked to your profile in the aforementioned social network to be able to launch the “retransisiones” to the social network. In reality, we can notify on Twitter that we are doing a “live”, but the videos may not see in the social network of the Blue Bird or retuiteados, etc. It will have to go to the community of Periscope where users can comment on live and give their particular “I like”, or rather “fav”, in the shape of hearts. Similarly, supporters of a user are not automatically transferred to Periscope, will be again a name on this network.

The application, for the moment, is only available for iPhone but the good news is that it is also open to users outside USA, rare thing in these releases many times. You can download simply by clicking on the image we put below.

What you think about this new trend of no longer count what we are doing but teach it live? Hands going it is us the issue of personal exposure in social networks?


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