ZTE Nubia Z9 Max sneaks into AnTuTu as one of the most powerful models

Yesterday officially presented the ZTE Nubia Z9 Max and ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini, two very discussed models in recent weeks through rumors and leaks. We already know them thoroughly have the opportunity to check to what extent will highlight in the market of high end, especially the phablet. And it is that it has transcended a performance test in AnTuTu where ZTE Nubia Z9 Max has left to see their full potential. The results are very promising, within the limits to what we can consider these data.


The market of smartphones and high-end phablets is at a moment of maximum development. Brands strives to set up increasingly powerful models and successful designs. At the same time, very specific manufacturers also seek the best balance between price and performance and the Chinese firm ZTE is beginning to take seriously these three axes for the development of their models. Such is the case of the last standard-bearer that renew the line of high-performance of the firm, ZTE Nubia Z9 Max terminals.

ZTE teaches your letters

If you still don’t know thoroughly the new ZTE Nubia, our colleague David Bolaños us shown yesterday same with detail the technical characteristics of the new ZTE Nubia Z9 Max and ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini. The letter is less, suggestive. But; would be how earnings both models in every day? Without a doubt the best way to find out will be rating the experience of use of the terminals, although for the moment and in the absence of a proof to bottom of devices, we have hand score by both teams in the popular test of performance AnTuTu.

At the peak of AnTuTu

While the figures achieved by the youngest of the Nubia ZTE are not particularly striking (about 28,500 points with your processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 615) is the version phablet which captures everyone’s attention. It is not for less since scores of AnTuTu table already gap for the ZTE Nubia Z9 Max. The model sneaks into second position in the list of the 10 most powerful smartphones of March according to the above-mentioned performance platform. Thus, registered more than 56.900 points lead to placing the new Chinese phablet between the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (which leads with a powerful 69,000 points) and HTC One M9. The latter is even ZTE model and it is no coincidence that both teams look similar characteristics. Spotlight on the part of the Chinese model would be the FullHD display of 5.5 inches, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 3 GB memory RAM DDR4, Sony’s 16 Megapixel (front of 8 megapixel) camera.

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