The HTC One M9 and M8 One receive the ‘recovery’ TWRP

If you are of those who according to buy a mobile phone the first thing they do is fiddling with it to obtain permissions ‘root’, putting a ‘recovery’ and then start putting ROMs of all colors, surely this news you will love. Especially if you are in doubt of what mobile to buy you this 2015 that will allow all of that to what you’re accustomed. Why the HTC One M9 (One M8) receive at last one of the most popular tools of the ‘scene’.


Root, flash, backup, etc.

This tool is one of the most important thing that you can install on your device if you want to ‘put his hand’ with greater safeguards. It is by that offers support options very important not to lose data or even to maintain the integrity of the telephone ‘bricks’ that could become the most expensive paperweight that you’ve ever had before.

The ‘build’ available for the HTC One M9 became the official website of the developer yesterday and you have the list to download from the link below everything. Remember that we we have a utility that allows us to perform almost any task that you want in the ‘core’ same device and that, when installed, we will lose the option of receiving updates from the own HTC, so everything you go installing thereafter will run our charge.


This is not something that will surprise who uses such tools but if for something you have an interest in this TWRP is by their ‘backup options ‘ that, unlike Android, allows us to recover in a few minutes your mobile phone to the same State in which we had it before doing a ‘wipe’ or an update of some of the official ROMs that are publishing the Taiwanese.

You need the Android SDK installed

Although in the link you have below you can see all the necessary requirements and others, remember that you must have installed the Android SDK with all its tools, such as the famous Universal ADB Drivers. On the phone, remember to also activate the developer options (press seven times on the ‘build number’ of Android your device) to access ‘USB Debugging’ and activate it.

Later, don’t forget, once installed TWRP, of the first backup all the important options of your new terminal, to be supported in the event of problems and thus to return to previous versions.

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