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Do you know if all the operators will leave you to make VoIP calls with WhatsApp?

We have some very busy weeks with WhatsApp calls, that keep coming to Android little by little, dropper, as the company a medida que la compania va is closing and opening the doors of their servers to

The S6 Galaxy sold 55 million units in 2015, Samsung has found a way?

To the year 2014, it was a period of redefinition of Samsung in it comes to mobile. They suffered more than expected to sell a S5 Galaxy that a few days of their submission was without a

Apple removes the category of antivirus for iPhone or iPad App Store would be are switching ready?

Curious movement that seems to have started Apple, convinced that iOS 8.2 does not have any problems with viruses, not sees them necessary in its app store and has deleted this category, taking forward some as VirusBarrier

Samsung updates its Galaxy Note 4 with Lollipop to return them the way silence

For many Google users, with 5.0 Android Lollipop, became a too big mess when she decided to take off in the middle of the famous ‘silent mode’ that we use several times every day when we go
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