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Samsung will include the Microsoft Office 365 in all his tablets

Microsoft appears to be seeking the way of allying with key companies to go spreading its tentacles further than its future Windows 10. And although Apple have it a little rawer by shielding that subject of Cupertino

Battery and their autonomy, the breakthrough in smartphones for next year?

During the last years we have witnessed a real technological revolution in the Smartphone market. Increasingly large screens, resolutions of vertigo, processors, and RAM memory; components that could be included in a PC and cameras that are

The screen of the Apple Watch can delay production and affecting sales

On 10 April the booking of Apple Watch process opens and the 24th of the same month starts the official sale of the smartwatch in key strategic markets for the firm’s Cupertino. However, in the absence of

Try the HTC One M9 Fund

One of the best phones that were presented at the Mobile World Congress of this year 2015 is the HTC One M9. This model comes with significant improvements in almost all paragraphs which form an actual mobile
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