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Apple releases a new version of iOS 8.3 tests

IOS development continues. Apple has just released a short while ago the fourth version of iOS 8.3 tests, a firmware that only months ago and a half distributed among developers now can be downloaded and installed by

Apple patents a tracking system for friends and family in real time

Any measure of security always seems short, but often solutions are looking for tend to collide head-on with our right to privacy, and we want to do not, most of these advances at the end need to

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bends in half? A video us out of doubt

Users have sued every time with more force smartphones manufactured in aluminum by its aesthetic exquisiteness that entails and the manufacturers have gradually responded to these preferences. But the virtues of metal also have its counterpart and

HTC Themes let you easily change the face to the screen of your HTC One M9

It is enough that a company introduced a novelty in customizing their mobile phones so that all are released to the race to do the same… but different ways. And after knowing that Sony and Samsung would
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