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Amazon Unlocked, possible new service to offer free payment applications

According to TechCrunch revealed, the internal presentation of a new project of Amazon would have ended by seep network and realizing what could mean Amazon Unlocked. The first hypothesis speak of a new way to promote their

Google wants your Android mobile to hang when not glued to your body

It is a concern of many companies that their devices do not end up in the wrong hands, and that is why, for many years we have seen how have introduced tools that allow us to locate

Motorola being tested in the Moto X 2014 Android 5.1 Lollipop, and this is what you will bring

One of the great advantages of having a Motorola (in most cases) is that since his fleeting passage through Google before being sold to Lenovo, all their mobile adopted the wise way to install AOSP Android, i.e.
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