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See if someone steals your WiFi and block it from your Android

n many occasions we see as our connection starts to lower and lower speed without apparent connection. Check router, devices, etc. Then, an idea comes to the mind, a stub shaft neighbor can be hooked to our

Converts any unit of measurement into another thank you to Convert Everything

Many times, especially when we are out of the country, where would we need an application that developed us measures in others. OK that Google already offers many of these conversions but and if we don’t have

Are the smartwatch manufacturers fleeing from Google and its Android Wear?

2015 is, for all analysts, the decisive year in the implementation of smart in the market and that is why clocks are producing movements more than evident on both sides that we thought existed until now: Android

Customize ringtones from your smartphone with this MOD

Tired of songs and ringtones available on your smartphone? If you want to renew the list of ringtones the solution, in addition to other alternatives in the form of apps, it passes through the installation of the
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